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Refrigerators Leaking Water Inside

Posted by Geoff on July 1, 2015 at 10:20 AM


Lets start with the facts. Any refrigerator with an automatic defrost system is susceptible to having an internal water leakage issue. When this occurs you will normally see water on the floor in front of your refrigerator and even water dripping on to your food items in side the lower compartment if you have a top mount freezer.

The automatic defrost system is a simple and proven way to to eliminate the need of down time and unloading the contents of your refrigerator and freezer to perform a manual melt down. It also channels the defrost run off water to a collection point where under normal conditions it will evaporate. All of these procedures happen any where between 1 to 8 times a day based on usage and model.

When you have a water leakage issue as mentioned earlier, this typically means the water is not reaching the collection point due to either a blockage in the drain trough or the drain line. The blockage could be anything from food items, spills and even the defrost drainage freezing in the drain trough. Typically if the refrigerator is leveled properly the drain system will work as designed. When the drain freezes to a point it can not direct the run off to where it needs to go, the defrost water will gravitate to the lowest point which usually means the floor and then out the bottom of the door on a side by side. And on a top mount freezer, that means it will enter your fresh food compartment via the air ducts below the freezer floor.

This type of water leak can be an annoyance, how ever it is a common problem which can be resolved, if done properly. Basically, if you are experiencing this type of leak you need to first determine why the water is not draining as it should. Is the unit leveled properly? Is there a restriction in the drain line? In either situation the water will not have drained before the defrost cycle terminates and the refrigeration cycle begins and freezes the slow draining water which will create the water leakage.

If the refrigerator is leveled properly and the drain trough and drain line is unobstructed the defrost run off water will drain completely before the freezing begins. Some models use a heat conductor which sinks heat from the defrost heater into the opening of the drain line. These are also used by servicers when making repairs. How ever, they are useless if the water can not drain properly due to a restriction or a not properly leveled refrigerator.

Make the repair the correct way with out using the "Band-Aid" method and forget about the water leaks.

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